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The Huon Valley is an hour drive from Tasmania’s capital city of Hobart in Southern Tasmania. Well known for its long history of apple growing, craft cider makers, boutique winemakers, quality salmon producers, the world-famous Huon Pine and its passionate small community.

There is a purity in the Huon Valley, with the town largely unspoiled, the benefit of having absolutely no high-rise buildings and 360 degrees of sprawling farmland either side of the untroubled Huon River.

A pristine environment and a quiet pace that is the envy of many, we breathe the cleanest air and drink the purest water. The Huon Valley is a great place to ‘get back to the land’.
Blessed with an incredible natural beauty, the pristine Huon River and Far South coastline, mountain ranges, World Heritage-listed national parks, tall forests, caves, and iconic bush walks, the Huon Valley is a must visit destination for interstate and overseas visitors.
The unique Mist Towers supplying the water of Pure Mist is a highly specialised low touch approach, carefully capturing droplets of water from the dense winter mist which weaves its way through the valley, either side of the Huon River.
Standing over 10 metres tall, our mist catching marvels harvest airborne water molecules in the air and gravity feed them to collection points on out 28 acre farm. Their construction as a stacked weave serves to trap and wick moisture into the towers, while their spiralling structure provides a large surface area that funnels water into the basement, then directly to our facility at the foothills.
Here, the tiniest of trace minerals are filtered out using very minimal interference. This is because our water is so pure.   A much more efficient and carbon neutral solution than processing mineral water into drinking water via desalination.
The end result is a pure water, producing thousands of litres per day and adding both vital new employment to the area and a wonderful story to the world of a truly spectacular region.

'The Purest Water Droplets Carefully Extracted From The Rolling Winter Mist of the Famous Huon Valley'


Come & Say Hello: Brooke St Pier, 12 Franklin Whf, Hobart, 7000.

Cellar Door: 101 Scotts Rd, Geeveston, Tas, 7116.


Liquor License Number: 616214699620