Health Benefits

There are many types of water like Spring and Purified.   A lot of bottled waters on the market are simply treated tap water. The AUS/NZ food standards code doesn’t require what the water is or where it comes from. Some even have dangerous levels of acid. Most of the time tap water is better for you. The environmental impact, including the water tables being affected, is negative impact of bottles water. 

At Pure Mist, we are very specific about where our water comes from and what our water is. Don’t be fooled by special marketing tricks. Our mist water and rainwater are taken in the pristine Huon Valley, in Southern Tasmania. The first land the Antarctic air will touch once crossing the Southern Ocean.   

Mist Water & Rainwater Facts

Near zero, dissolved mineral salt content, which promotes healthy hair and skin. The low mineral content doesn’t strip essential oils and moisture away from the skin and hair .

No treatment facility needed, creating a better carbon footprint 

No chemicals are added, which is a benefit to people that could have side effects, like headaches and organ damage-

Promotes healthy digestion

Has detoxifying effects

Step further 

All our water, although immensely pure, still undertakes an appropriate filtration process to ensure pristine quality, however no treatment plant, desalination machine or the addition of chemicals is ever reauired.

Pure Winter mist and rain carefully extracted from one of the cleanest, pristine air pockets in the world.